Drumadonnell Primary School

Learning today for living tomorrow



The Green Flag was presented at a ceremony in Banbridge Civic Building on Thursday 18 June 2009.  This was a very proud occasion for Mrs. Minnis and the Eco-Committee as well as the whole school community.

Well done to everyone who made this achievement possible.

Drumadonnell Primary School has a very active Eco Committee.  The work of the Committee is coordinated by Mrs. Minnis.  Over the past five years much work has been carried out and the school has now been awarded the Green Flag.

You can visit the Eco Schools website by clicking here.


Drumadonnell Primary School's Eco Code

1. Put litter in the bin.

2. Use paper bins in each classroom. (Please do  not put tiny pieces in.)

3. Use both sides of a piece of paper.

4. Switch lights off when you can.

5. Encourage your family and friends to be environmentally friendly.

6. Turn off taps to save water.


Members of the Eco Committee at work.

Eco Com Photos (Please click here to view some of the work of the Eco Committee)

To see members of the Eco Committee speaking in assembly on healthy eating please click here .

Click here to see children collecting peelings, apple cores etc.

The school participates in "Youth Speak".  Children get the opportunity to speak on environmental issues at Banbridge District Council.  Click here to view.

We also participate in the "Yellow Woods Challenge".