Drumadonnell Primary School

Learning today for living tomorrow


Principal Mr. K. Spiers

Mrs. L. Wilson (P.7) Designated Teacher for Child Protection


Mrs. S. Sneddon (Nursery Teacher and SENCo) Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mrs. L. Ross and Mrs. R. Hetherington (P.1)

Mrs. J. Bingham (P.2)

Mrs. L. Thompson and Mrs. L. McCrum (P.3)

Mrs. L. Riddle and Mrs. R. Hetherington (P.4)

Mrs. R. Burden and Mrs. F. Hanna (P.5)

Miss R. Cousins (P.6)

Mrs. L.Wilson and Mrs. J. Lamb (P.7)

Mrs. F. Hanna (Learning Support Teacher)

Secretary Mrs. A. Annett
Building Supervisor Mr. K. Wallace
Cleaners Mrs. A. Ringland and Mrs. H. McDowell
Classroom Assistants

Mrs. H. McDowell (Nursery Unit)

Mrs. F. Parks

Mrs. J. Hanna

Mrs J. Sinnamon     

Mrs. K. Peters

Mrs. L. McCready

Mrs. L. Burns

Mrs. H. Mason 


Supervisors Mrs. S. Bell     Mrs. J. Hanna    Mrs. J. Sinnamon    Mrs. L. McCready     Mrs. F. Parks Mrs. D. Morrison
Cook Mrs. A. McDowell
Kitchen Assistants Mrs. S. Bell   Mrs. J. Strain   Mrs. D Morrison